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Danlac now offering Calcium Chloride

You asked and we delivered - Danlac Canada now offering Calcium chloride.
A new Danisco product to your door.

Cost: Calcium chloride sold $6.95 per Liter or for smaller containers $4.95 per 120 ml.
Sizes: 120 ml / 1 L / 4 L / 5 gal plastic container (20 L)

Storage: Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry, dark place. Recommended storage temperature 50 - 90 F (10 - 32.2 C)

MSDS is offered on request.
Certifications: Kosher OU Pareve in the 5 gal (20 L) size only.

Ricotta cheese making

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Ricotta cheese is characterized with its high moisture content, and reminds you of a soft cottage cheese. The fat content is similar to the content in the milk. The composition of Ricotta and Ricotone-cheese as made of different sort of milk and given in following table.

Featured Product

Chevre Kit - Includes enough supplies for up to 500 L of fresh Chevre



- Mesophlic Culture ( MM 100) - Enough for up to 500 L of goat's milk

- 5 oz Calcium Chloride

- Cheese Cloth

- 10 Tablets of Rennet

- Recipe







Calcium Chloride - Liquid 2 oz container (32%) - Enough for 96 gallons of milk

Our listed 2 oz container is enough for use in 96 gallons (approx. 1600 L) of milk. It comes pre-mixed in liquid form.

Please note, that dry mix is available apon request.



Calcium Chloride  acts to promote coagulation. This is especially important when using milk that is lower in total milk solids due to lactation periods of the herd and when using milk that has been pasteurized.



Use liquid calcium chloride ¼ tsp. (1.2ml) per 2 gal.(7.5l) of milk. 

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