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Pasteurizing Milk (heat treatment).





Cleaning and sanitizing agents.


Farm- and homemaking of cheese and yogurt -


Frequently asked questions on Yogurt and Cheese making:




Q. Are live bacteria necessary for yogurt?

Cheese Starter cultures update




Requirements to cheese starter culture.

Greek Style Yogurt Manufacturing


Just about any type you wish can be used for making greek style yogurt. It is basically a higher level of solids in the yoghurt achieved by fortifying the milk prior to making yoghurt or draining whey off through cheese cloth.

Using Lipase in cheese making

    Lamb Pregastric Esterase Powder (PGE)   Description: Lamb Pregastric Esterase Powder (PGE) is an extract of the epiglottis (tongue root) of lambs containing lipolytic and esterase activity.

New products in our web store.


A Danlac Canada inc. client have suggested following products to be added to our stock.

We now have these in stock except BT 01.

1. PRB 6 HYP 5 D.

2. PC ABL LYO 10 D

3. PC HP 6 LYO 10 D

4. Choozit BT 01 LYO 50 DCY ( will not be available before Sept. 2, 2011)

To find out more click on the links below.

Making Mozzarella cheese.


This is feedback from a Danlac client ordering from our web store (rennet and cultures for making Mozzarelle cheese):

 I just received my order of 100 gr. Pure Calf Rennet Powder etc.

Making buttermilk using "Set Milk"

    Production of buttermilk using “Set milk” ferment (Mesophilic culture)

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