Frequently Asked Questions

Try mixing Yo-Mix 215 with Yo-Mix 601 LYO 50 DCU 1:1 - Some have tried that and find it takes away the slight bitterness in goat milk yogurt.


No, shipping costs will be calculated during checkout.

We meet strict government standards (3 A) and can provide pasteurizer certification in Canada and USA, which most other countries in the world adhere to.

Normally less then a week, depending on the shipping method you choose: Regular mail, Xpresspost (Canada & USA) or courier. The weight and priority of shipment will determine the cost.

Where you are located The product you would like to produce, and quantity Batch or continuous flow pasteurizer? Utilities available Steam or hot water? Power available

With over 30 years experience, Danlac's resident dairy expert will be able to answer any question you pose. Contact us with your inquiries. Using Danlac's products will benefit you in the long run, especially considering our experience in the dairy industry.

For proven results, yes. We can provide pricing for any request.

Yes,  lamb enzymes are available and Danlac can recommend usage according to the cheese your plant produces. (E.g. Provolone, Asiago, Parmesan, Feta etc.)

Yes. It is recommended that the measured amount of rennet powder is dissolved in 50 times its own weight of cold chlorine free potable water allowing 30 minutes with occasional agitation for complete dissolution. Thereafter follow regular cheesemaking procedures.

Microbial rennet tablets (vegetable) can be used for up to 25 Lt. milk. Pure calf rennet powder comes in 100 gr., 500 gr. pots and 25 kg pails. Usage is 2-3 gr. per 100 lt. milk.

The title of the product often describes the size of the batch and there are 2 ways that this is displayed. 1. Directly (in litres). Eg) Bulk Set Y 621 LYO 500 l = up to 500 litres 2. DCU (Direct Set Unit). 1 DCU = 10 litres. Eg) Choozit Alp LYO 100 DCU = up to 1000 litres Our starter cultures can make batches ranging in size from 1 litre up to 5000 litres.

Yes. We use PayPal which accepts Visa or Mastercard securely over the internet.