HOLDBAC™ YM-B LYO 100 DCU - Extend shelf life

Great for Latin fresh cheeses.  Used for Swiss cheese (contains propioni bacteria) together with St. therm H and Lb. helv. 7 to make excellent Swiss cheese. Ask for recipes.   Read more below under "Properties" on what this products can do when extending shelf-life of many cultured products.

Halal Certified No GMO Kosher

Usage Levels:

Fermented milk products (e.g. yoghurt), quark , Mozzarella use 10 - 15 u / 100 kg of final product.Feta, Large-eyed cheese & Emmental 0.5 - 2 u / 100 L. of vat milk.

Directions for Use:

Added together with regular starter cultures


Lactobacillus rhamnosus
Propionibacterium freudenreichii ssp. shermanii


Holdbac YM-B inhibits undesired micro-organisms in a biolotical way, e.g. yeast, mould and hetero fermentative lactobacilli. The efficiency depends on strain and species and is influenced be the extent of the contamination. Not yet established a mode of application for mould prevention on semi hard or hard cheese via HOLDBAC cultures. The tool of choice is still Natamax. Ask for info.

Allergens: Milk (including lactose)

Price: $15.00