Penicillium roqueforti PJ LYO 10 D -Blue mould.

Freeze-dried culture for direct inoculation of process milk

Halal Certified No GMO

Usage Levels:

Product Dose blue mould cheese, blue / white mould cheese 1 - 2 dose / 1,000 l of vat milk The quantities of inoculation indicated should be considered as guidelines. Supplement cultures may be required depending on technology, fat content and product properties desired. We do not accept any liability in case of undue application.

Directions for Use:

Rehydrate culture under aseptic conditions (10 - 15 h before use, disperse in 500 ml of sterile water (1-l-bottle) and fill it up to achieve 1 l; solution can be stored in refrigerator for 3 days maximum) and add it to vat milk before renneting.


Penicillium roqueforti


P. roqueforti PJ LYO 10 D is a medium fast growing blue mould culture. It presents a low proteolytic and high lipolytic activity. Cheeses produced with P. roqueforti PJ LYO 10 D have a dark blue-green marbled interior. Characteristic properties are the piquant aroma and a slightly tough consistency, very little loose of moisture and long shelf life. P. roqueforti PJ LYO 10 D can be used combined with P. roqueforti PV for instance for Edelpilz type cheeses like Roquefort.

Allergens: Wheat, Other cereals containing gluten, Milk (including lactose)

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